Thursday, June 10, 2010

Behind you

Behind your smile, I know there are sorrows.

Behind your laughters, I know there are tears.

But I want you to know that, behind you is me who always care for you.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Got-Roy(ong) Perdana

datee : i forgot already:()
day : saturday
from : 7:30 *if im not mistaken lah
till : till then bye !

*HAHA . joking2 . until noon je . afternoon habis la .
Me , as a QM bekerja di padang
berdekatan dengan tempat di mana F2 pendeker bekerja
There's a tukang sapu sampah yang sangatt rajin
you ! HAHA
she is my bestfriend , kankan ?
it's not weird to be a sweeper's bestfriend
dont get mad tau !
semua balik :) the tomorrow is the Ekiden Run . we got 79th ranking ouh

here its suit !
ouh-bye :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

long time

it has been long time i tak update my blog :(
haha . wtv lahh . it has been longtime too diorang tak balik :'(

but , i dah masuk new class this year ! named 3 JAYA :O
3rd class and i know im stupps .
batch eminent dah official ! yeay ! congratulations to eminent :P
thats all from me . -bb-

Sunday, December 27, 2009

RTW (Rape The Woman)

chill out stage

dann ninaa kamal

main stage

on 26th december (saturday) we went to RTW9 .
bukit jalil . ninaa, kamal , dann, luqe, zeera . ada la kawan diorang kat sana .
main stage is being everyone attention . mosh ? tak sebab seluar dann londeh
kamal pulak tak kasi . ADOY-.-"
jalan merata ouh kita orang . ninaa complain penat .
at 2.00p.m it was raining cat and dog . so , we went to a shade place(luqe kamal)
ninaa with dann in the concert . thank god , we didnt get wet . so , we keep on rocking ryte guys ?
huh . then HUJAN lagi sekali :(
fucking basah ouh masa tu . ninaa jatuh . khemah yang diorang duduk tu masuk youtube babe ! haha
we shading under a tent yang tak de la besar mana pun .
kena jugak hujan:(
kamal and dann stay tilll night but me and ninaa get back at the evening .
best ouh malam diorang cakap . padan muka bunkface punya performance spoil . siapa suruh buat lewat . bluueekk:P
haha . thats all MAYBE

do read it . bye:)

Friday, December 25, 2009


Santa Pictures, Images and Photos
merry christmast everyone :)
although we did not celebrate it , we can just look at the celebraters .
and btw , tomorrow im going to the RTW9 woohoo !
dont be jealous peeps . and kena belanja si nikshaa-.-"
its kinda weird cuz when raya i tak wish pun :P
till then bye

Saturday, December 19, 2009

LESBIAN itu haram !

going to form three
to outsiders ! DONT TRY THIS AT HOME ! please ;)
they are totally LESBIANS ! haha:D

my favourite girl

err , how to start eyk ?
act , its has been long time this blog not been updated . and maybe , this is the last kot for 09 ;)

this is not about my favourite girl but , it is a song .
i am glad to tell ya that , I CAN PLAY THE JUSTIN BIBIR's(ninaa's words)FAVOURITE GIRL !! hoyeah !
although this song is nikshaa's boyfie , but , i nyanyi lagi sedap ouh ! kidding yaww .
haha . i play the guitar and you'll sing ;)
i nak BERDUET with azeera !! the girl guitarist ! haha .
nak tengok ? bukan free ler , BAYAR tau :P
video ? nanti nanti je la masukkan .
haha . dann and kamal , bila korang punya turn nak main guitar ? asyik aku saje ?
huh . till then