Monday, November 30, 2009

it's gone !!

did you all know W595 ? uh , it's a phone . sony ericsson's

it happens on three days before cuti sekolah . maybe two days kot . time tu tgh charge kat bilik iron then i went for rugby training .
uh , i wish i could be there when it happens . tyme balik dari rugby , the phone was gone . :'( camtu jer boleh hilang . act , phone tu dapat free from daddy . bukan present pon . tggl charger jer mase tu . mmg tak sah lagi kene curi :( malam tu tak cari betol2 pon . ntah la . malas kot ? erm , what to do , it happened already ryte ? if i could turn back into the time and cought the thief or maybe thieves . argh ! tak bernyawe plak dorang nnt . haih :(
skrg tga kumpul duit nak beli yg baru . and i want sony ericsson jugak ! hehe :D please..


  1. ish2 cian2
    pakai je fon cikai
    xde sape nk cilok